Founder and owner Neda Zeighami

Here is the story about how iKandi made it all the way from Sweden to America. 

It all started in 2008 when the founder and CEO, Neda Zeighami, visited her cousin in Miami. She loved everything about America except for one thing: The candy! It did not taste like the candy back home in Sweden. So she considered the possibility of importing Swedish high premium quality candy to the United States while working as a real estate agent. It took a few years, but in January 2014, iKandi started a collaboration as the first company to import Swedish candy to Los Angeles, with Olsons  Scandinavian Deli in Los Angeles (est. 1948). The Swedes were thrilled to have their beloved candy available--especially the salty licorice that is very difficult to find here.

Since 2014 the company has expanded, and now the candies can be found at several Swedish-influenced stores and coffee shops around Los Angeles, and through their online shops. iKandis mission is to bring premium high quality candy to every American nationwide.

iKandi´s candy appeals to all ages, genders and backgrounds. Our customers include famous singers, actors and influencers. IKandi is also delivered to numerous shows and special events at entertainment companies, including Fox Studios, Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios.

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